MicroVal is an international certification organisation for the validation and approval of alternative methods for the microbiological analysis of food and beverages. MicroVal facilitate validation and certification against ISO 16140-2:2016, ISO/DIS 16140-6:2017 and other validation standards.

A MicroVal Certificate shows that a proprietary method performs equally well as the (internationally standardised) reference method.

How to get your test kit certified?

Test kit manufacturers can apply for MicroVal certification. The certification consists of several steps that are laid down in the  MicroVal rules by the MicroVal platform to ensure standardized processed and evaluation.



The MicroVal validation studies are performed by MicroVal reviewed expert laboratories. A test kit manufacturer can select one of these expert laboratories.


Workshop confirmation methods

Join us on 29 Oktober in Wageningen for the workshop “Validation and verification of alternative microbiological confirmation methods – how does it work?”. More information (in Dutch) can be found here:



Issued Certificates

Find an overview of all issued MicroVal certificates

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