Four Certificates for Kikkoman’s Easy Plate

MicroVal has approved the issuing of four certificates for Kikkoman’s Easy Plate. Campden BRI has carried out the validation studies, based on ISO 16140-2:2016, for the scope of broad range of foods. Easy Plate has been validated for the enumeration of four different target organisms: Aerobic Bacteria (AC), Coliforms (CC), E. coli/Coliforms (EC) , Staphylococcus aureus (SA). The validation for the Easy Plate YM-R is ongoing.

Easy Plate is a prepared microbiological culture plate made up of a waterproof sheet, a dry medium on the sheet and a transparent cover over the medium. The Easy Plate method is intended to indicate the level of specific target organisms in food and beverage products. After incubation, the colonies appear in different colors, depending on the target organism, on the Easy Plate growth medium.

All four validation studies have been conducted for the scope of a broad range of foods. For the Easy Plate AC and the Easy Plate EC, the scope also includes the categories for pet food and animal feed and for environmental samples.  

On the MicroVal website  – under ‘issued certificates / alternative methods’ –  the summary reports of the validation studies, together with the resulting certificates can be found under the following numbers:

  • Easy Plate AC – 2021LR102
  • Easy Plate EC – 2021LR103
  • Easy Plate CC – 2021LR104
  • Easy Plate SA – 2021LR105