vetproof® Salmonella Detection Kit included in MicroVal certificate


MicroVal has approved the inclusion of the vetproof® Salmonella Detection Kit (Product No. V 900 27) in the 2011LR42 certificate.

The vetproof® Salmonella Detection Kit, specifically targeted for the qualitative detection of Salmonella spp. in veterinary / primary production samples, is manufactured by BIOTECON Diagnostics according to the same specifications and components as the foodproof® Salmonella Detection LyoKit. In order to comply with regulations for veterinary diagnostic kits (notifiable disease), it is necessary for it to undergo additional external batch release testing.

The validation study for the foodproof®Salmonella spp. method was performed by ADRIA Développement, France. The method is also PTM approved by the AOAC-RI and NordVal validated. MicroVal certificates can be found on the website here, together with the supporting summary reports. The vetproof®Salmonella Detection Kit is additionally authorized and certified by the German Federal Research Institute for Animal Health (MA No. FLI-C 055, Friedrich-Loeffler-Institut).

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