What is MicroVal?

MicroVal is an international certification organisation for the validation and certification of alternative (confirmation) methods for the microbiological analysis of food, beverages and water. MicroVal validates and certifies alternative methods in order to show that such proprietary methods perform equally well as the (internationally standardized) reference methods. MicroVal certification of alternative methods will ensure their acceptance by governmental inspection laboratories and laboratories in the food trade, thus facilitating international trade.


MicroVal is flexible and pragmatic, with a focus on undisputable quality.

MicroVal creates a standardized, globally recognized method validation and certification system for test kit manufacturers who sell their methods all over the world and have to meet local (legal) requirements. For this validation is based on international standards such as ISO 16140-2:2016, ISO/DIS 16140-6:2017 and other standards.

The MicroVal members are internationally recognised and active in the validation of alternative microbiological methods.

MicroVal certified methods are recognized under legislative requirements within the EU and are also recognized by the US FDA. Joint studies with AOAC and/or NordVal are supported. Because of the quality, MicroVal study data are known to be accepted as a basis for recognition of the validated method by other organizations.

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