How do I become MicroVal certified?

To become MicroVal certified the following steps are required:

  1. The manufacturer has to apply for a MicroVal validation / certification by filling out the application form (see the downloads below).
  2. The manufacturer has to choose a MicroVal Expert laboratory.
  3. The validation studies are performed by the chosen MicroVal Expert laboratory.
  4. If an audit of production is required this will be performed by the MicroVal Certification Body.
  5. Results are presented to the MicroVal Technical Committee for assessment, and a recommendation is made to the MicroVal Certification Body
  6. The MicroVal Certification Body takes the final certification decision
  7. If the method has already been validated and/or certified by another organization, specific rules apply in order to consider such results.


MicroVal certified methods will be published on the MicroVal website (MV Validated Methods) with an abstract of the technical report.

Certification renewal

After four years the certificate expires. Certificates can be renewed through a renewal process.

Certification procedure

Alternative Methods

MicroVal is a third party certification scheme. The scheme is based on EN ISO 16140-2 ‘Microbiology of the food chain — Method validation — Part 2: Protocol for the validation of alternative (proprietary) methods against a reference method’. The scope generally covered is foods, animal feeding stuffs, beverages (excluding water analysis) and food environmental samples, although test methods outside of this can be considered on a case by case basis.

Confirmation Methods

MicroVal also allows validation and certifciation of confirmation methods in accordance with ISO 16140-6 Microbiology of the food chain — Method validation — Part 6: Protocol for the validation of alternative (proprietary) methods for microbiological confirmation and typing procedures

Certification steps

MicroVal certification is based on three core steps:

  1. Conformity of the quality management system of the test kit manufacturer with the requirements set.
  2. A validation study containing three steps: writing of the protocol, performance of a method comparison study of the reference method and the alternative method, inter-laboratory study.
  3. Annual evaluation of the certificate and the certified method (and certificate renewal)

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