How is MicroVal Organized?

The MicroVal Certification Organisation is a balanced representation of the stakeholders and consists of an independent MicroVal Certification Body (MCB), the MicroVal General Committee (MGC), the MicroVal Technical Committee (MVTC),a common Secretariat (NEN) and an international network of sub-contractors: laboratories, reviewers and auditors.

MicroVal Certification Bodies

A MicroVal Certification Body (MCB) is responsible for handling the applications and evaluating the advise of the experts and checking on the quality management system in place at the test kit production site. The current MicroVal Certification Body is LRQA.

MicroVal General Committee (MGC)

The MicroVal General committee is impartial and consists of public authorities, manufacturers, users and MicroVal third parties. The MicroVal General Committee is the governing body of the MicroVal structure and decides on issues and developments related to for instance strategy and rules.

MicroVal Technical committee

The MicroVal Technical Committee is responsible for the evaluation of each step during the validation of the test kits. The Technical Committee consists of microbiological experts from different working environments and backgrounds. Together these experts advise the certification organization

International network

MicroVal has a vast international network, consisting of:

+31(0)15 2 690 390