Which laboratories can help me?

An independent MicroVal expert laboratory executes the validation study. It is chosen by the manufacturer from the database of laboratories established by the MGC.

Collaborative laboratories are selected by the MicroVal Expert laboratories. They participate in the interlaboratory study. Collaborative laboratories must comply with EN-ISO 17025 but do not need to be accredited.

The independent MicroVal expert laboratory is in charge of the co-ordination and the supervision of the three phases of the validation procedure:

Expert laboratories

Below is the an overview of experienced MicroVal Expert Laboratories. Please contact the MicroVal secretariat for more details.
Updated: January 2023

Contact E-Mail address Adress
ADRIA Développement (all matrices) Mrs. Maryse Rannou maryse.rannou@adria.tm.fr Z.A. Créac’h Gwen, 29196 Quimper Cedex, France
Campden BRI (all matrices) Mrs. Gail Betts g.betts@campden.co.uk Station Road, Chipping Campden, Gloucestershire, GL55 6LD, United Kingdom
Q-Laboratories (all matrices) Mrs. Erin Crowley ecrowley@qlaboratories.com 1930 Radcliff Drive, Cincinnati, Ohio 45204, USA
Eurofins WFC (all matrices) Mr. Taco Wijtzes twijtzes@foodconsult.nl Kolk 27, 4241 TH Arkel, The Netherlands
Microsept (all matrices) Mr. François Le Nestour f.lenestour@microsept.fr 15, Rue Denis Papin, Z.A. La Sablonnière, 49220 Le Lion d’Angers, France
Actalia (food matrices) Mr. Philippe Trossat p.trossat@actalia.eu Rue de Versailles 39801 Poligny, France
Instituto Zooprofilacttico dell’Abbruzzo e del Molise Mrs. Dr R. Lelli, Mr. G. Migliorati g.migliorati@izs.it Via Campo Boario, Teramo, 64100, Italy

+31(0)15 2 690 390