Certificate FOSS BactoScan FC/FC+ renewed

MicroVal has approved the renewal of the certificate for BactoScanTM FC and FC+, manufactured by Foss Analytical A/S. BactoScanTM FC/FC+ gives an accurate determination of the hygienic quality of raw milk with a capacity of testing up to 200 samples per hour.

BactoScanTM FC/FC+ was first validated in 2015. The validation study, then, was performed by Qlip, who have also been involved as expert lab in the renewal procedure. The validation has been performed in accordance with ISO 16140-2 and the EURL MMP document on the validation criteria of instrumental methods for enumeration of total flora in raw milk (Dec. 2011)

The certificate has number 2013LR45 and can be found on the MicroVal website, together with the supporting summary reports.

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