MicroVal’s first certificate within scope of water

In September 2019 MicroVal has approved the issuing of the certificate for HyServe’s Compact Dry PA, the ready to use plate for enumeration of total Pseudomonas aeruginosa (PA). This is the first MicroVal certificate for a enumeration method to be used within the field of water intended for human consumption. The certificate is based on the results of a validation study in accordance with ISO 17994:2014 and ISO 16140-2:2016, which has been performed by Campden BRI. The certificate can be found by the number 2017LR66. The Compact Dry plates are manufactured by Nissui Pharmaceutical CoLtd and supplied by HyServe.

Moreover, the certificate for HyServe’s CompactDry YM for the enumeration of yeasts and moulds in a broad range of foods, which was originally issued in 2011, has been successfully renewed, based on the validation study according to ISO 16140-2:2016 by Campden BRI. The certificate has number RQA2008LR10.

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