Renewed and extended certificate for GDS Salmonella Tq

MicroVal has approved the renewal and extension of the certificate for Assurance GDS Salmonella Tq, manufactured by Merck MilliporeSigma. This molecular based PCR test can be applied for the detection of Salmonella spp. in a broad range of foods and environmental samples.

The Assurance GDS Salmonella Tq was first validated in 2016. The renewal project, based on ISO 16140-2:2016 and the transition guidance document from ISO 16140:2003 to ISO 16140-2:2016, evaluated two additional categories (Poultry products, delicatessen and heat-treated poultry products and muti-component foods) to obtain a broad food claim according to the revised standard. Additionally, an alternative confirmation method for Salmonella was added to the scope based on ISO 16140-6:2019. The renewal and extension study was carried out by Qlaboratories.

The certificate has number 2015LR50 and can be found on the MicroVal website, together with the supporting summary reports.

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