First certificate for Compact Dry CFR

In May 2024, MicroVal approved the issuing of a certificate for Compact Dry CFR, manufactured by Shimadzu Diagnostics Corporation. Compact Dry CFR  features ready-to-use dry media sheets comprising a culture medium and a cold-soluble gelling agent, rehydrated by inoculating 1 ml diluted sample into the center of the self-diffusible medium. This chromogenic plate is designed for enumerating Coliforms. After incubation at 35±1°C for 16-18h, Coliforms develop into blue/blue-green colonies due to chromogens in the medium.

Campden BRI conducted the validation study as the Microval Expert Laboratory, following the ISO 16140-2:2016. The scope of the validation study is two categories: raw milk and dairy products and heat-processed milk and dairy products. For this, the ISO 4832:2006 was used as a reference method. The certificate and the detailed summary report, number 2023LR123, are available on our website.