Microval welcomes two new MicroVal General Committee Members

MicroVal is happy to welcome two new members of the MicroVal General Committee (MGC). Yannick Bichot (Bio-Rad Laboratories) and Frédéric Martinez (Neogen Corporation). With them, there are currently 16 members in the MGC.

The MGC is responsible for setting up standardized procedures, complementary to ISO 16140-2 and ISO 16140-6, for conducting the validation studies and to make sure that those validation studies stay in line with current legislation. In addition, the MGC promotes MicroVal in order to attract new validation assignments. All MGC members participate on a voluntary basis originating from different relevant backgrounds like food safety, regulatory affairs and standardization, method validation, and certification. 

Organizations represented in the MGC are of Nestle (Switzerland), Hygiena (Germany), bioMérieux (France), Eurofins (USA), Neogen Corporation (USA), Merck KGaA (Germany), Anses (France), ADRIA Developpement (France), Post Consumer Brands (USA), NVWA (The Netherlands), LRQA (The Netherlands), R-Biopharm AG (Germany), Bio-Rad Laboratories (France), and Liaison members of AOAC International (USA) and NordVal (Scandinavia and Baltics).

Contact details can be found on this page on our website.